Going on holidays soon?

Before considering whether to board your pet please check their vaccination records to make sure they have been vaccinated within the past 12 months with a vaccine to include kennel cough. If your pet is due for a booster vaccination make sure this is done well ahead of the boarding period. It is a good idea to contact the boarding facility to check their individual policy as to how soon before boarding a vaccination can be administered.

Our local boarding kennels - Bohena Pet Motel is owned and managed by Vicki and Danny Allan.  They are beautifully maintained and create a relaxed and calm atmosphere for your pets.  They will be extremely well cared for while you are away.

You will need to inform the boarding facility of any health problems your pet may have had or is prone to. If medication is to be administered you should let them know at time of booking. Write down the dose, frequency and name of medication.  Vicki is also our practice manager and has 20 years experience in the industry.

If on long term medication, please ensure you bring along extra just in case.  

Please give us a call to determine if your pet is up to date with the required vaccinations.  You can contact Bohena Pet Motel on (02) 6793 2060

If you are need of the one off doggy daycare, please give Allpets a call.